Hello! In case you are curious about me, here is a little info for you. I have a lot of loves in my life which I have drawn upon to create the Redwing Road Book Series.

First of all, I am a total lover of animals of all kinds. Over the years, I have had many precious friends – cats, dogs, hamsters, parakeets, cockatiels, and even a catfish named Herman. I have rescued baby swallows, teensy cottontail bunnies, injured robins, and motherless calves. And, of course, there is my love for horses. I rode my big sweet feisty Willie for many a mile over the 22 years that he was in my life.

Secondly, I dearly love painting and drawing. It is so much fun to start with a black and white pencil sketch and make it come alive with color and detail. I paint on 140lb. Cold press watercolor paper, using Daler Rowney system three acrylic paints. I add detail with colored pencils, ink pen, and oil pastels.

Another love of mine is children’s books. One of my favorite things to do is to go to Barnes and Noble, get a vanilla latte, and browse the children’s section which ALWAYS results in a book purchase which I promptly give to a grandchild. And reading to a grandchild…that is heavenly!

My fourth love (not in order of importance!) is my family. I have three wonderful children and six grandchildren. I have an amazing husband who lets me live in the country and supports me 100%. We have had lots of fun times at our dining table talking about my books – “Mom, Willie could say this…Andrew could do that…Percy could find this.” 

And lastly, I love my Lord Jesus. He has been with me, inspiring and helping every step of the way. I so hope these books can somehow be His instruments that can help others. My company, Beauty From Darkness, donates all available funds from book sales to several organizations that provide help to those trapped in poverty, disaster, and the sex trade. I am also excited about opportunities to read to mothers and their children in women’s shelters, giving each child a book bag with one of my books in it along with a stuffed animal. I make the bags myself with my 40-year-old Singer sewing machine and press them on my grandmother’s 60-year-old ironing board!

So, that is me in a nutshell…